Grass Parking Grids

Grass parking grids which quickly press in for churn-free ground reinforcement!

With no sub-base required and no digging needed in preparation, you simply place the grids down on the grass and press them in!

IBRAGRASS' unique diamond-shaped cellular structure and tapered edge profile enables the grids to cut through the grass and grip into the soil below without pressing further in, meaning you can quickly build a stable, reinforced grass surface for driving and parking on.

  • Grid Size: 85cm x 62cm x 3.5cm (0.527m2)
  • Load Capacity: 500 tonnes/sqm
  • Colour: Black
  • Made from recycled, non-toxic, UV-stable polypropylene.
  • Press-in with a roller / in-fill with soil and seed.
  • INSTANT SURFACE - lay the grids down and roll them in!
  • Can be filled in easily if no roller available.

For GRAVEL RETENTION GRIDS, please see IBRADRIVE Gravel Parking Grids.

UV, Weather and Temperature stable from -50C to +90C!

No matter what extreme conditions hit these grids, they will stand up against, outperform and outlast any similar plastic grass grids. With UV stabilisers and pigments added to protect against even the strongest sunlight, these grids will not bleach, warp or break.

No excavation required - simply press in with a roller.

Save hours in preparation with IBRABASE as they can be pressed directly into the grass or soil, meaning you needn't prepare a sub base or re-fill with soil and seed.

300 tonne load capacity confirmed and tested.

We have carried out extensive testing to ensure that IBRABASE can withstand even the heaviest loads of up to 300 tonnes per square metre. This makes it the strongest grass parking grid on the market.