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Recycled Plastic Products that Improve Garden Spaces Forever.

IBRAN's range of sustainable products for your garden makes living an eco-friendly lifestyle easier and more affordable. Our range of sustainable, eco-friendly gardening supplies are made from the very best materials, priced so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of long-lasting, eco-friendly luxury in their garden.

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Who are IBRAN?

IBRAN are an online retailer with a environmental conscience.

We supply online customers throughout the UK and abroad, offering leading brand, eco-friendly lifestyle and leisure products. We turn household waste into attractive, sustainable products that improve the way you live at home and in your garden.

All our products are made from 100% recycled, recycleable or reuseable materials and designed to be sustainably put to work in long lasting applications, cutting the demand for alternatives made from single use, virgin materials.

Eco-friendly approach.

As an online retailer it is our duty to extract the most use out of every item that comes through our warehouse before it is converted into something else at the end of its useful life cycle. We want to transform the way online retailers operate and set an example to this growing yet wasteful industry.

We reuse packaging time and again until that packaging is not suitable for its job anymore. At this point it goes into a recycling system that converts these items back into packaging once more. Whether the material used is paper, cardboard or plastic, we want to encourage the use of these materials over and over again.

The worst aspect of plastic, its 1000 year lifespan, is also its most valuable and is exceptionally useful in the garden - creating indestructible structures that do not wear down, degrade or rot. We source products that take plastics out of the environment, recycling and repurposing them for long-lasting, beautiful and functional additions to your garden.

By buying our eco-friendly recycled plastic products, you are actively contributing to the protection of our environment. Instead of sending plastics to landfill or worse, to be exported to foreign countries wherein they enter the oceans, your purchases are actively consuming and repurposing this waste. This is locked in recycled plastic. Forever.

Proud to support UK manufacturers and businesses

By buying from IBRAN you are helping us support the British economy, as we buy and promote British brands and manufacturers. We use reputable British logistics networks, providing excellent delivery speed and tracking.

You're helping support these industries and helping to support a growing eco-minded movement to better our world near and far.

IBRAN is at the forefront of recycled plastic products, including the manufacture of plastic drainage channels, plastic and composite decking boards, gravel and grass parking grids for driveways and much, much more. Thank you for choosing IBRAN and for choosing our eco-friendly, sustainable products.

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