FABREX-100 Weed Control Fabric


No more weeds, no more weeding.

Without using weed killer sprays, gels or herbicide treatments - this thick woven weed control membrane will keep your weeds down forever - organically.

Install this weather-proof weed suppressant for a low maintenance garden.

Use and reuse, this recyclable woven fabric is weather proof, rot proof and sunlight stable. This means you can either lay it down permanently or lift and reuse it as part of a rotational weed control programme.

This woven landscaping fabric is perfect for keeping gardens, vegetable patches, greenhouses, polytunnels, paths and all outdoor spaces weed free. This will cut down maintenance and weeding to a bare minimum, meaning you can enjoy being in your garden with less work to do!

  • Width: 2m (folded onto 1m tube)
  • Length:5m / 10m / 20m / 30m / 50m / 100m
  • 100gsm THICK
  • Water permeable
  • Thick, opaque, woven plastic that keeps weeds down

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