IBRADRAIN Plastic Drain Channel

Channel drainage that keeps your driveway flood free for less!

IBRADRAINs are easy to install, easy to maintain plastic drain channels built for driveways.

  • Safe to drive, walk or cycle over - perfect for driveways.
  • Spend less time on maintenance with easy, boltless access.
  • Install in minutes with sliding joints that interlock.
  • Connnects up with your existing underground drainage system via standard 110mm vertical outlets.
  • Connect corners, T and X junctions.
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 140mm x 140mm

    Strong, Interlocking Channel Drains for Driveways.

    Tested to loading class A15, the IBRADRAIN drainage channel system is designed for domestic driveways and pedestrian use.

    Each drain channel slots together to produce one continuous length. The ends of the drains slide and slot into each other to connect up lengthways. The same method allows you to connect up to corner units and end caps.

    Curved, Deep Troughs with Reinforced, Boltless Grills.

    Each 14cm deep trough carries large volumes of water away, whilst the grills sit into the troughs via locking grooves with no bolts or rusty metalwork. This means they will outlast and outperform other drains with perishable components.

    Angle away by 5 towards your outlet where you can connect vertically by simply butting together the vertical knock-out outlet with a standard 110mm waste pipes.

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