We know there are great ideas that can help transform our environment waiting to be turned into real products.

Through the IBRAN Product Partner Platform, your great idea can be transformed into a profitable, saleable product that contributes to tackling global climate and pollution challenges that our planet faces.

Our platform has brought to life several product ideas that have already reversed global plastic pollution by over 1m tonnes in total.

How to turn your eco friendly idea into a real product

Join us an IBRAN Product Partner and gain access to all our tools and know-how. As an IBRAN Product Partner, we will take your idea through the design process right through to production and distribution and you could receive ongoing royalty payments for every single product sold, giving you a consistent stream of income from your one idea!

To find out more about the IBRAN Product Partner Platform, simply get in touch via the form below.

All product ideas remain confidential and your intellectual property until the product is ready for market. We will not steal your idea!