LibertyPLAS Plastic Drain Channel

The LibertyPLAS plastic drainage channel for driveways, footpaths and patios is perfect for domestic and pedestrian applications.

Each channel can be easily connected to each other with male-female sliding slot joints. The boltless assembly makes it easy to construct, as well as detach the black plastic grill from the top of the trough to access for cleaning.

With small diagonal slots spanning both directions per unit, the grills are perfectly safe to walk on with heels. This diagonal section helps reinforce the grill, making it safe for domestic vehicles too, including cars and motorbikes.

  • Easy fit channel interlocking system
  • Sliding male-to-female slot installation
  • Boltless grill removes easily for easy access and cleaning.
  • Durable, UV-stable & long lasting
  • Eco friendly & 100% recyclable
  • Diagonal, heel-proof, safe slot grating
  • Manufactured to BS EN 1433, loading class A 15
  • Recyclable, weather-proof polypropylene.
  • 1000mm (l) x 144mm (w) x 90mm (d)