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Pool & Pond Safety

As the foremost supplier of pool covers and pond safety netting systems in the UK, we are able to manufacture pool covers and pond covers for any size and shape pool or pond.

Whatever your surround, shape or circumstance, we make every net to order.

We hold huge stocks of pool cover nets and pond covers, kits and supplies, meaning that we are able to prepare and despatch your order in lightning fast time. Our kits are the simplest and quickest kits available on the market that you can fit yourself!

Child Safety Nets for Pools and Ponds

Bull Nets' covers save lives. With so many preventable deaths occurring every year in garden ponds, Bull Nets' easy install pond cover and pool cover safety kits are the quickest, most convenient way to safely cover your pond without spoiling the view.

We have been involved in the aquatic safety industry for nearly 20 years, saving hundreds of lives in that time. Tried and trusted by over 10,000 families right across the UK and abroad, you can enjoy peace of mind in your own garden, in the knowledge that your swimming pool or garden pond are child proof and safely covered.

When you invest in a Bull Nets' safety cover kit, you - and your pool or pond - are covered for life with a 20 year guarantee that beats any other pond net cover.

Unlike solid structure covers, these pond nets and pool cover nets can be installed without any training, expensive fitting fee or specialist equipment, whilst being incredibly strong, long lasting and, most importantly, safe.

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