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Raised Bed Kits

Made from 100% FSC approved, quality redwood or 100% recycled plastic, all our raised beds and planter kits come part-assembled with full instructions on installation and care.

Made to an exceptionally high standard within the UK, you can be assured of a long lasting, high quality finish. With sustainability, style and desirability at the core of their design, all our raised bed and planter kits are hand made to very exacting standards giving you a garden structure you can be proud of.

We have raised beds, disability-friendly table planters and planters with trellis kits to suit any garden, allotment, greenhouse or public space.

Raised beds for gardens, allotments and public spaces

Our raised bed and garden planters are easy or no assembly kits for instant impact in your garden. We have many raised bed ideas you can use in your garden, allotment or greenhouse. Each kit, whether made from recycled plastic or sustainable, FSC approved timber, are eco-friendly and built to last.

Fill with flowers, herbs or vegetables for an instant upgrade to your garden.

There are many reasons why people choose to use raised beds or planters. Raised beds and planters isolate the plant or plants you wish to grow, meaning you can weed around them more easily. Many prefer not to have to bend to ground level to tend their plants, with the elevation of the planters meaning you don't need to bend or strain. Smaller planters even make moving plants around easier, especially in winter when some plants need extra protection. Equally you may choose to change the positioning of your planter to give your garden a new aspect each time.

Garden planters with trellis backs are excellent screens for unsightly objects or for sectioning areas of your garden subtly. Some of the most attractive plants are climbers, giving you extra reason to use trellis planters.