by Ted Bromley-Hall August 06, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Everyone has a little something they use or have every single day. What's yours?

Most people have something they do or consume every single day. A cup of coffee; a packet of crisps. When you think about it, there's a lot we eat and drink everyday almost habitually.

Short of kicking the habits, which I don't offer any judgement on (keep your caffeine habit going if you like), there may be a way to reduce the impact our little indulgences has on the environment.

Mine was eating half a meal and throwing the rest out because I didn't want to eat the food after it had spoiled (such a first world problem) so I then started wrapping it up for my lunch the following day. Every single working day, I'd have half a tub of cling filmed pasta or rice from the night before for lunch.

So everyday I was creating another piece of plastic to go into landfill. Add the occasional bottle of coke to the deal and we've got two single use items making their way into the environment to rot for eternity.

We've all done it and we'll probably do it again without thinking.

Until recently many of us wouldn't have thought about what it is we were creating but now there's a huge awareness of what products we use on a day to day basis - especially the stuff we use once and throw away.

Silicone film lid to cover and protect film in place of cling film and shrink wrap cellophane

My solution to the cling film issue was to start using stretch silicone lids to cover my food. When done with, the lid would go in the dishwasher with everything else and I'd go again the following day.

What do you use everyday and what could you do to reduce the impact it has on the environment? Comment below with your ideas!

Ted Bromley-Hall
Ted Bromley-Hall

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Jeannine Bromley-Hall
Jeannine Bromley-Hall

February 14, 2020

I produce a basket full of plastic and foil pill poppers and little cardboard boxes every month, when I put all of my pills into reusable ‘dosset boxes’. Multiply that by the number of people taking pills every day and the mind boggles! Instead of putting pills into these plastic and foil ‘poppers’, then into boxes, why don’t manufacturers go back to having pills in recyclable plastic or glass bottles that we take back to the chemist or put into recycling bins?

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